Emergency Episode: Did The Supreme Court Just Rip Apart the FTC’s Authority?

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Emergency Bonus Episode: Have Major Supreme Court Rulings Changed EVERYTHING?

The Supreme Court just dropped a bombshell that could reshape the world of marketing compliance.

So we needed to film an EMERGENCY episode. In this bonus episode, Greg breaks down two game-changing rulings and what they mean for your business.

These shifts are HUGE. In the episode, Greg explains…

  • How the Chevron decision could strip power from agencies like the FTC…
  • Why judges may now have more discretion in interpreting marketing laws…
  • The uncertain future of long-standing guidelines like testimonial rules…
  • Why the SEC case could make it harder for agencies to bring big fines…
  • The potential for increased legal challenges to regulatory actions…

Greg’s biggest takeaway?

While these rulings could eventually loosen some restrictions, it’s far too early to celebrate.

Smart marketers need to stay the course on compliance while keeping a close eye on how lower courts interpret these decisions.

Greg also teases a major case involving contractor misclassification that could have huge implications for businesses relying on freelancers and gig workers.

So whether you’re a solopreneur or running a multinational corporation, this episode is essential listening.


Anik Singal
Greg Christiansen

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