Is Your Refund Policy A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?

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Greg is back on the pod this week and we’re tackling one of the biggest questions we keep hearing from YOU. How exactly do we handle refunds, conditional refunds and guarantees?

If it seems like EVERYONE has a guarantee these days, you’re right. But here’s the thing – most people are going about creating guarantees and issuing refunds ALL WRONG…

Greg zeroes in on some of the most common compliance failures around refunds like:

  • Not granting mandatory minimum 3-day “cooling off” periods…
  • Failing to properly disclose your customers’ refund rights upfront…
  • Having “no refund” policies in violation of FTC and state laws…
  • Improper conditional refunds based on difficult criteria…
  • Using refund agreements to suppress negative reviews…

Greg also walked me through allowable refund scenarios, especially when it comes to low-priced physical products.

As you’ll see in this episode, handling refunds the RIGHT way is almost always a better choice than facing compliance issues down the line!

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Anik Singal
Greg Christiansen

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