My Biggest FTC Lessons Revealed + The 2 Riskiest Types Of Marketing Right Now

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Alright, I’m BACK with part 2 and picking up exactly where I left off last week. Today, I’m covering 8 more SHOCKING truths I learned during my 18-month investigation from the FTC.

This week, I’m diving deep into some of the more complex legal codes that very few marketers know anything about. Heck, I knew nothing about them either. Until I was forced to confront them.

Another big topic from this episode? The 2 RISKIEST types of marketing right now, in my opinion.

There are so many important takeaways in this episode. I also covered… 

  • The dangers lurking in one-to-one sales calls and recurring revenue programs…
  • The crippling business impacts of an investigation (beyond just fines)…
    The extensive financial records and other crazy info the FTC demands immediately…
  • Why even implied earnings claims face harsh scrutiny…
  • And the steps you need to take to legally share student success stories…Check it out!

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Anik Singal
Greg Christiansen

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